WELCOME -The Thorne Handbook
Adapted by Mrs. Rahey

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All body piercing jewelry must be removed before students are able to participate in physical education classes each day.

Students shall be in school attending class 180 days per year. Students shall be allowed a maximum of 16 unexcused absences per year. The accepted legal absences from school are illness, observance of certain religious holidays, suspension and necessity of appearing in court.
Parents are requested to call between 7:30am and 9:00am of the first day of a student's absence. Upon return to school, students must bring a note signed by their parent, giving the date and reason for the absence. This note is to be given to the child's homeroom teacher who will forward it to the main office by the way of the homeroom attendance envelope. When a student is absent and no notification to the school has occurred or the student is out for an extended period of time, the main office will routinely call home.

A student will be considered truant when the parent or guardian is unaware that the child has deliberately missed school. Students who are truant (miss school for one day) shall be referred to the attendance officer and an Alternate School Program may be assigned.

Students who arrive after 8:10 shall be considered late. When a student arrives after homeroom begins, but before the first period bell, the student should report to homeroom with a note from home explaining the reason for being late. When a student arrives after homeroom, the student should report directly to the office with a note from home. Students who are late 1-2 time shall receive a verbal warning. Students who are late 4-6 times shall receive one office detention and students who are late 7-8 times shall receive two office detentions. Those students who are late more than 8 times should consult the student handbook for further details.


There is ample time for students to pass directly from one class to the next. It is the studentís responsibility to be on time from classes and to come prepared with assignments and materials.

Students who need to leave school early should bring written permission from a parent/guardian stating the reason. This note should be given to the main/office upon arriving at school.

Upon entering the building, all visitors MUST report to the main office to sign in and obtain a visitorís badge. Students are not permitted to bring a friend or relative to school. NO EXCEPTIONS. Students will be released to persons listed on a studentí emergency card unless prior written arrangements have been made with the office.

Students should not arrive on school property until after 7:45 am. (There is not supervision until 7:45 am.) Consult the Middle Schools Handbook for further details.

During homeroom, attendance is recorded, and the Pledge of Allegiance is recited and announcements of the day are presented over the intercom. It is important to listen carefully to these announcements.

Whenever individual students are sent out from a classroom for any purpose, they must have written permission from their teacher in the form of a hall pass.

Clothing should be modest and not distract nor disrupt the educational process. Short shorts or cut-offs are not acceptable. Half shirts, tank tops or shirts with inappropriate sayings or graphics are not acceptable. Clothing or jewelry that displays alcohol or drug-related products is not allowed. Any clothing items might be dangerous are prohibited.
Hats are not to be worn in school. If a hat is confiscated and turned into the main office, it will not be returned to the student until the end of the school year.
Outerwear is not to be worn during the school day. Coats are to be kept in the studentís locker until dismissal.

Do Not bring the following items to school: Radios and cassette or CD players, beepers, White-out, Yo-yoís, chains, cell phones, and water guns.

Students who ride bicycles to school must wear helmets. Skateboards are not permitted at any time and will be confiscated.

Notify a teacher immediately of any lost items and report the loss to the main office where a general Lost and Found area is maintained.

Lunch is served in the cafeteria. (For more details concerning the lunch program consult the Parent/Student Handbook.)

Students are responsible for all assigned textbooks. In order to insure the condition of the books, permanently assigned textbooks are to be covered. Students will be held financially accountable for textbooks assigned to them. Fines will be assessed for lost and damaged books.