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WELCOME to the 2012 - 2013 School Year

Kara Nolan RN

Phone: 732-787-1220 ext 7709
fax: 732-787-5306


Food allergy website: Gives great information on how to keep your child safe in school.

Flu vaccine information:

Head Lice Information click here

Sports Participation Paper work is available on the Thorne home page under ”forms”and the District Athletic Tab. All forms are required.

Please continue to notify us of any contagious illnesses. We do track them for the Middletown Board of Health.

Medications that need to be given in school require a district form-I’d be happy to provide you with this if needed.

Head Lice Information:

  • Lice(pediculosis) are parasites that live in human hair and scalps. It is a myth that it implies poor hygiene.
  • Lice can be ” shared” by direct contact. Head lice can survive 6-20 hours off its host. They do not breed in furniture. Vacuuming furniture should be sufficient
  • An itchy head should always be inspected.
  • Nits are easily seen and appear glued to the hair shaft. Mature nymphs move very fast and can be hard to detect. Ask a healthcare provider if not sure.
  • Over the counter preparations usually can treat the problem. Hot water washing/drying of bed lined, towels and pj’s is recommended. Soaking hair care items in hot soapy water for an hour or more should be done.
  • Always call the health office if you have any questions. I would be happy to help you !!