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Principal Tom Olausen
Assistant Principal Pete Smith
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I would like to express my sincere thanks to the PTA ( I feel like shouting... "whooohooo" ) Thanks to your dedication and benevolence to the Thorne school community our day in room 129 is so much more tolerable.

The sound panels that you have generously purchased are now installed. As you can see from the photo I chose a color scheme to mirror the spirit of the community. Not only has the sound level improved, the echo is no longer bouncing around the walls, and the ambiance is warm and cozy. Room 129 is now a place that sounds good and feels good. You must come for a visit and see for yourself.

When asked of the clients in room 129, the people who matter the most, "what do you think of the new sound panels that the PTA so graciously helped us buy for our lab?"

I would like you to read a few of the many eager and positive quotes.

Grade 8 "it decorates the room"
" the room looks nice"
" way better"
" big improvement"
" there is like no more echo, it's a lot better"
"It's quieter"
"less annoying"
"I don't hear a difference"...(oh well, can't impress everyone)

Grade 7
"they better the room"
"it's less noisy in here"
"it helps improve the learning environment" ...(I love this one)

Grade 6
"it stops the echo"
"they're doing their job"
"It makes it easier to learn in here"
'it makes me focus but I don't know why"... (another favorite)
'they give it a cozy feeling"

As you can see they are a big hit and I am sincerely grateful. Thank you for helping, all of us!

Mary Ellen Connelly


Please take the time to find something you can help with. We are always in need of volunteers and chair people for all our committees.
To volunteer email one of the officers.

BACK TO SCHOOL-Volunteers assist office a few hours a week in August assembling Back to School packages. 2-4 hours

BEAUTIFICATION- Volunteers plant flowers, weed, etc around building. Flowers are provided by PTA. 1-2 hours every other week.

BOOK FAIR: - Volunteers assist in collecting money for book fair and assisting students select books.  !

BAC BUDGET AWARENESS COMMITTEE-: - Volunteers attend meetings to represent Thorne to report back to PTA on School Budget.  2 hours a month usually begins in January. 

FUNDRAISING: - Chairperson and volunteers needed to select one or two fundraisers to support activities in the school.  2 to 4 hours a month.

GIFT AUCTION: - Our major fundraiser, date to be determined.  Volunteers solicit business for donations, collect gifts for baskets, wrap prizes, set up for auction, and sell tickets at auction. 

GREAT RAC: - Volunteers needed to man table at The Great Race, fill balloons, and hand out refreshments.  2 to 4 hours the day of the race. 

LION’S DEN: - Monthly volunteers pick up preordered lunches for 12 students of the month at local restaurant and deliver them to Thorne.  1 hour per month.

PIC PARENT INFORMATION COMMITTEE:  Attend monthly morning meetings and report back to PTA.  2 to 4 hours per month.

8th GRADE COMMITTEE:  Volunteers needed to assist in the planning with 8th grade dances and year end party.


GIFT AUCTION - Info to be available in January.